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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
I Virgil Sceptre 1995  
Ovid Sceptre 1995 Blue boards, silver titles. DJ 9.99
Nero Sceptre 1996  
Germanicus Sceptre 1997  
Sejanus Sceptre 1998  
The Lydian Baker Sceptre 1998  
The Horse Coin Hodder 1999  
Old Bones Hodder 2000  
Last Rites Hodder 2001  
White Murder Hodder 2002  
A Vote for Murder Hodder 2003  

Further Information
David Wishart was born in Scotland on 7th December 1952 and studied classics at Edinburgh University. He went on to teach Latin and classics around the world. Little surprise then that when he turned his hand to writing that the books were set against a Roman-Greek background. The popularity of of historical mysteries was well established and his series character Marcus Corvinus soon found favour with both readers and collectors.


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