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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Unholy Writ Collins Crime Club 1976 US: 1977 St Martin's
Treasure By Degrees Collins Crime Club 1977 US: 1977 St Martin's
Treasure Up in Smoke Collins Crime Club 1978 US: 1978 St Martin's
Murder for Treasure Collins Crime Club 1980 US: 1980 St Martin's
Copper, Gold and Treasure Collins Crime Club 1982 US: 1982 St Martin's
Treasure Preserved Collins Crime Club 1983 US: 1983 St Martin's
Advertise for Treasure Collins Crime Club 1984 US: 1984 St Martin's
Wedding Treasure Macmillan 1985 US: 1985 St Martin's
Murder in Advent Macmillan 1985 US: 1986 St Martin's
Treasure in Roubles Macmillan 1986 US: 1987 St Martin's
Divided Treasure Macmillan 1987 US: 1988 St Martin's
Treasure in Oxford Macmillan 1988 US: 1989 St Martin's
Holy Treasure Macmillan 1989 US: 1989 St Martin's
Prescription for Murder Macmillan 1990 US: 1990 St Martin's
Treasure By Post Macmillan 1991 US: 1992 St Martin's
Planning on Murder Collins Crime Club 1992  
Banking on Murder Collins Crime Club 1993  
Last Seen Breathing Harper 1994  
Death of a Prodigal Harper 1995  
Dead in the Market Harper 1996  
A Terminal case Harper 1997  
Suicide Intended Harper 1998  
Practise to Deceive Busby 2003  

David Williams Author Biography - Further Information
David Williams, born 1926, is a quality British writer whose main series character, Mark Treasure, appears in the first seventeen books listed above. He is an amateur sleuth, merchant banker by trade. His wife Molly makes regular appearances and adds some humour to the proceedings. The last six books listed feature his other series character, Inspector Parry. The author is Welsh, went to University in Oxford, St John's College, and later became extremely successful in advertising before becoming a full-time writer. For collectors, things are pretty straight forward, no issue points or pitfalls. The books are relatively easy to locate, some near fine copies, or better, are the order of the day. In our opinion (and for what it's worth), they represent excellent value for money and are deserving of a wider audience.

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