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This David Whitelaw bibliography checklist includes the crime fiction titles.
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Moon of Valleys Greening 1903  
MacStodger's Affinity Greening 1906  
The Princess Galva Greening 1910  
The Secret of Chauville Ditto 1911  
The Man with the Red Beard Greening 1911  
The Gang Greening 1912  
The Girl from the East Greening 1912  
The League of St. Louis Hodder & Stoughton 1913  
The Little Hour of Peter Wells Ditto 1913  
A Castle in Bohemia Hodder & Stoughton 1914  
The Imposter Hodder & Stoughton 1915  
The Mystery of Enid Eelairs As Above 1915  
A Flutter in Kings Hodder & Stoughton 1916  
The Hadgwick Affair Ward Lock 1918  
The Master of Merlains Ward Lock 1918  
The Valley Of Bells Jarrolds 1918  
The Man on the Dover Road Hodder & Stoughton 1919  
Pirates Gold Ditto 1920  
Little Lady of Arrock Chapman & Hall 1921  
The Stones of Khor Hutchinson 1924  
For Conduct Unbefitting Hodder & Stoughton 1925  
A Hair of the Dog Holden 1925  
The Island Of Romance Holden 1926  
The Villa Petroff Hutchinson 1926  
Madcap Betty Hutchinson 1927  
The Man from Mexico City Ditto 1927  
Black Out Hutchinson 1928  
Mystery at Furze Acres Nash 1929  
Number Fifteen Nash 1931  
Spanish Heels Grayson 1932  
The Roof Bles 1933  
Murder Calling As Above 1934  
Hotel Sinister As Above 1935  
Murder in Motley As Above 1935  
The Big Picture Geoffrey Bles 1936  
Wolf's Crag As Above 1936  
The Face As Above 1937  
The Feud Bles 1937 Dust jacket priced 7/6
Horror on the Loch As Above 1938 Set in Scotland
Blackmail de Luxe As Above 1939  
Frame-Up Geoffrey Bles 1939  
Garments of Repentence Macdonald 1940  
Girl Friday Bles 1940  
The Jackal As Above 1940  
Horace Steps Out As Above 1941  
Black-Out Murder As Above 1943  
The Lexicon Murders Macdonald 1945  
The Ryecroft Verdict Macdonald 1946  
Lovers in Waiting As Above 1947  
The Moor Macdonald 1949  
The House in Cavendish Square Macdonald 1950  
The Yellow Door Macdonald 1951  
Presumed Dead Macdonald 1952  
Murder Besieged Ditto 1953  
Legacy in Green Macdonald 1954  
I Could a Tale Unfold Herbert Jenkins 1957  

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David Whitelaw Author Biography - Further Information
David Whitelaw was a British born author, 1875 to 1970, who also worked as an illustrator and journalist.
The author was clearly prolific and in some years more than one title was published, as the checklist stands at the moment we cannot guarantee order of publication when more than one title was released in the same year.
The author's work leans toward romantic mystery fiction and judging by some of the titles listed here some may be more, if not completely, romantic than criminous. The author's first book was M'Stodger's Affinity and was published in 1896.

Series Characters
None known.

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