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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Incubus Robert Hale 1977 Written with Ross Peers
Schade Robert Hale 1977 Written with Ross Peers
Hate for Eight Rest Same 1978 Written with Ross Peers
Double Double-Cross 1978
Takeover 1978
Ransom for the First Lady 1979
The Sleepers 1980
The Perfect Trap 1984
Vinegar in the Spice Robert Hale 1984 Dust jacket artist Jim Cambridge
Sydney Wooderson: Forgotten Champion BSAD 1989
The Essex Triangle Robert Hale 1990 four decades of violence and mayhem
in a sleepy pocket of rural England
A paperback original
The Norfolk Nightmare 1991 A chronicle of murders and disappearances
Softcover first edition book
Profumo : the hate factor 1992
Evil in East Anglia Robert Hale 1993 A paperback original

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David Thurlow Author Biography - Information About the Author
David Thurlow is listed in Hubin's Crime Fiction reference guide.
The books after 1990 are non-fiction, no hardback books issued, they are realtively common and modestly priced.
The earlier novels follow the usual pattern with this publisher, very short print runs with most copies going to public libraries making books with dust jackets in collectable condition pretty scarce.
If and when they do turn up expect to pay for them but not a fortune.
No reprints or paperbacks of the novels are held in the British Library so for reaeders it's probaly ex-library copies, cheap but rare on the ground, online easier.

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