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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Death and Taxes Macmillan 1941 UK: 1947 Joseph
Shear the Black Sheep Macmillan 1942 UK: 1949 Joseph
Bullets for the Bridegroom Macmillan 1944 UK: 1948 Joseph
It Ain't Hay Schuster 1946 UK: 1949 Joseph. as A Drug on the Market
The Long Escape Random 1948 UK: 1950 Joseph
Plunder of the Sun Random 1949 UK: 1950 as above
The Red Tassel Random 1950 UK: 1951 as above
To Catch a Thief Random 1952 UK: 1953 as above
The Lights of Skaro Random 1954 UK: 1954 as above
Angel's Ransom Random 1956 UK: 1957 as above
Loo Loo's Legacy Joseph 1960 US: 1961 Little Brown
Carambola Brown 1961 UK: 1961 as above. as High Corniche
Hooligan Macmillan 1969 UK: 1970 as above. as Hatchet-man
Troubleshooter Macmillan 1971 UK: 1972 as above

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Further Information
David Dodge, born California, America 1910, had three main series characters. Al Colby, John Abraham Lincoln and Walt Whitney. He remains best known for his book, To Catch a Thief, which was turned into the famous film by Alfred Hitchcock and featuring Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. there are also a further ten or so books not listed here as they are of a non-criminous nature.


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