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David Bateson Series Character: Larry Vernon

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

David Bateson Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Shoot to Live T.V.B. Books 1951
Insomnia Street [A novel.] Jasmit Publications 1953 Published in Burnley, England
It's Murder, Senorita Robert Hale 1954
The Man from the Rock Robert Hale 1955
The Big Tomorrow Robert Hale 1956
The Soho Jungle Robert Hale 1957
Night is for Violence Robert Hale 1958
I'll Go Anywhere Robert Hale 1959
This Side of Terror Robert Hale 1959 Dust jacket artwork by Fox
I'll Do Anything Robert Hale 1960 Dustwrapper artist Fox
The Welcome Strangers Hart Davis 1964 Book illustrated by Dorothy Rice
The Boy with the Golden Surfboard Carousel books 1973 Paperback original, re British Library

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David Bateson Author Biography - Information About the Author
David Bateson was born in 1921 and is Hubin listed.
We've listed all the books held in the British Library and Oxford, some of which are not listed by Hubin.
The American Library of Congress lists nothing, nor can I find any mention of American publications.
The books are uncommon to rare, when they do turn up in dust jacket they are more often than not former public library copies.

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