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Danny Spade Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Danny Spade Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Dame Plays Rough 1950 Cover artist Ferrari
You Slay Me Scion 1950 Published price 1s 6d
Move Fast, Brother ! Scion 1951 Cover artwork Gilmore
Spades are Trumps 1951
San Francisco by Night 1951
Don't Die on Me 1951
Count Me Out ! 1951
You'll Play this My Way Scion 1951
Waterfront Rat Scion Gangster 1951 Cover artist Gilmore
Frisco Rock Scion 1951
So Deep the River Scion Thriller 1951
Dial Death Scion 1951
She Liked it that Way 1951
The Lady Holds a Gun Scion 1951 Cover price 1/6
Silk and Cordite Scion 1951
Twice as Dead Scion 1952
Shadow of a Gun Scion 1952
No More Chances 1952 American Gangster
Calling Mr. Spade Scion 1952 American Gangster series
What Gives ? Scion 1952
Dragnet by Danny Spade Scion 1952
Strong Arm Stuff Scion 1952 American Thriller series
Story of a Killer 1952
Hi-Jack ! Scion 1952
A Gun for Sale Scion 1952
Skid Row 1952
The Lady Says When by Dail Ambler Scion 1952 Cover artwork Oliver Brabbins
The Lady Likes to Sin Milestone Publications 1953
Nothing To Hide Milestone Publications 1953
It's all in Your Mind Milestone Publications 1953
That's all I Need Milestone Publications 1953

Cover Artist: Unknown

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Danny Spade Author Biography - Information About the Author
Danny Spade is a pseudonym used by Betty Williams who also wrote as Dail Ambler, note Dail Ambler was sometimes credited as the author of a "Danny Spade Thriller"
As well as Dail Ambler Betty Williams also wrote as Ace Capelli - Johnny Grecco - Nat Karta and Hans Vogel
All of the books are rare and keenly sought after by collecotrs.
It's an amazing output, irrespective of literary quality, the sheer amount of work and ideas required.
Authors in this genre are often sneered at and whilst it's true the literary value isn't always the greatest you do have to wonder what some of these authors could have done if they'd had the luxury of a year to write one novel, to keep rethinking and rewriting it . . .

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