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D.H. Landels Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Jane, and Saturday. [A novel.] Stanley Paul 1934
Men Are Kind Stanley Paul 1935
Teddington Tragedy. A romance Stanley Paul 1935
His Lordship the Judge Stanley Paul 1936
The Announcer by D H Landels Hurst & Blackett 1944 US: Random House 1948 by Donald Henderson as
A Voice Like Velvet
A Man of Character Hurst & Blackett 1944 A romance of the war
The Understudy Hurst & Blackett 1945 A novel of the West End stage
The Headmaster Hurst & Blackett 1946
Uncle Xavier Hurst & Blackett 1947

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D.H. Landels Author Biography - Information About the Author
D.H. Landels is a pseudonym of Donald Landels Henderson who was born in 1905 and is Hubin listed.
We've listed books not in Hubin so as to make a complete list of the author's books, this bibliography conatains every book we could find listed in the British Library and Trinity College Dublin Library.
The books are at best uncommon in dust jacket, the early ones rare. Colleectors of crime fiction books should take care as despite a Hubin listing most of the books aren't in the mystery genre.

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