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Cyril Joyce Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Cyril Joyce Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
A Web to Catch a Spider Robert Hale 1975
The Elimination Process Robert Hale 1976
The Information Man Robert Hale 1976 Dust jacket design by Laurence Cutting
Twist of Hate Robert Hale 1976
A Crime to Fit the Punishment Robert Hale 1977
Twice a Victim Robert Hale 1977
Seize a Passing Stranger Robert Hale 1978
Run a Golden Mile Robert Hale 1978
Has Anybody Here Seen Abby? Robert Hale 1978
Incidental Murder Robert Hale 1979
Sentence Suspended Robert Hale 1979
A Hitch in Time Robert Hale 1980
Death of a Left-Handed Woman Robert Hale 1980
Errant Witness Robert Hale 1981
A Bullet for Betty Robert Hale 1981
A Calculated Risk Robert Hale 1981 Dustwrapper desigh by David Lloyd
Errant Target Robert Hale 1982
From the Grave to the Cradle Robert Hale 1982
Murder is a Pendulum Robert Hale 1983
Errant Sleuth Robert Hale 1983
Widows' Beads Robert Hale 1984

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Cyril Joyce Biography - Information About the Author
Cyril Joyce is, sadly, a mystery to us, the British Library don't even have a birth date.
Although the dust jackets are photographic they are attractive and a full set of books would look impressive, especially given their uniform size.
Book collectors will not find the books common and as usual with this publisher most seem to have gone to public libraries.
I'm not aware of any series characters employed by this author.
US books. The Library of Congress lists no American editions.
If you have any information about Cyril Joyce then please do get in touch so we can improve this page.

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