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OBELISTS EN ROUTE is an example of what a first-class scientific brain can make of the detective story. Mr. Daly King is not a professional detective story writer—he is by profession a scientific research worker and lecturer on psychology ; so much was to be expected of his in-, cursion into the realms of detective fiction. The fact that strikes one first—as indeed one would expect—is that Mr. Daly King's story is completely divorced from the too-often conventional detective story of the ordinary fiction market. Some members may have read Mr. King's first detective story, Obelists at Sea (an obelist, incidentally, is " a person of little or no value") ; they will certainly not have forgotten the impression that book made on them. The Referee called it " the most intelligent thriller published for a long time." The Spectator called it " the most original detective tale we have seen for a long time ; totally out of the common." Storm Jameson said, " It stands to ordinary detective stories somewhat as Torquemada to his inferiors." And so indeed said a score of the leading critics. Some of them looked forward to a continuation volume dealing with Obelists ashore. The CRIME CLUB was able to persuade Mr. King to accede to the general demand and here it is— Obelists En Route.
The setting this time is an express train—a super-luxury train making its first trip from New York to

the scientist, who has written " an intelligent man's thriller."

San Francisco without stopping (except to change engines). The railway's publicity director had made sure that the journey .should lie treated as an epoch-making event, worthy of the Age of' Technocracy. For its record-breaking maiden trip, the express carried only invited guests, prominent business men and professional men, artists, scientists and other notorieties. Among l Item was a famous banker, accompanied by his daughter, secretary and valet. The scientists included representatives of four different brands of psychology, while among the other passengers was a member of the New York Police Department. On the first morning out, the banker is found dead at the bottom of his swimming-pool which is one of the marvels of this train. Accident, suicide, or murder ? There was nothing to suggest the latter, and it was not a matter of great importance to the detective which it was of the two former. However, he wired ahead and arranged for a police medical examiner to board the train further along the route ; but the first thing the

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