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John Creasey

The Toff on Ice

John Long 1946
Jacket design by "somebody" Long

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The Hon. Richard Rollison was in low spirits. Jolly, his man, and Lady Gloria Hurst, his aunt, were alike concerned by his depression, and conspired to make him throw a party to celebrate his birthday. Such a party, they thought, would not only cheer him up but would help to solve a family problem. In some ways the party was more successful than either of them had dreamed ; but high spirits faded when it was discovered that arsenic had been mixed with the ice-cream. This is a highly entertaining story, as one confidently expects from John Creasey, and the Toff has rarely worked at greater speed. His spirits soon rose as the search for the poisoner began, and any reader in low spirits when starting to read The Toff on Ice will become as exhilarated as Rollison himself while following the twists and turns of fortune so cleverly narrated.

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