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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
The Siren and the Centaur Langdon 1947  
The Barber's wife Arthur Barker 1953  
Alone in the Grass Arthur Barker 1954  
Shadow Play As Above 1954 Blue cloth-gilt. DW 9/6
Walk in the Dark As Above 1955  
Cry of the Dingo As Above 1956  
Sunny Draper As Above 1956  
Dolls with Sad Faces Arthur Barker 1957  
The Empty Cot As Above 1958  
The Unrepentent Arthur Barker 1958  
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Author's Note

THE idea of the great mail bag robbery in this novel was inspired by the mail van hold-up in 1951 when about 270,000 in soiled currency was stolen by gangsters off Oxford Street, London.
I knew a lot about that one. I covered it for a national newspaper. They never convicted anybody for it. The big snag was of course evidence. It's one thing to know who commits a crime and how they did it. But it's another thing to convict them. Scotland Yard is always up against this bogey. . . .
I am pretty well known in " postal circles." The Postmaster General has good reason to remember my name. I was the newspaperman who " broke" into a London Post Office depot twice in January 1954 and in February of that year the Sunday Chronicle gave me another assignment to " steal" a mail van. And incidentally I was the newspaperman whom Colonel Marcus Lipton told the House of Commons in January 1954 had wandered around the Mount Pleasant depot unchallenged. ...
" SHADOW PLAY " should give the Post Office security people something to think about. ... If only how thieves might organize a theft.


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