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JJ Connington

Common Sense is all You Need

Hodder & Stoughton 1947
Jacket artwork by Nicolson

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WHEN Pickford's body was found hanging . from'a beam in his garage, Inspector Loxton was sure that it was a case of suicide following upon a series of financial and domestic worries. Then came the criminological expert with his slogan: " Common sense is all you need !" and in ten minutes he upset the inspector's hypothesis. Further evidence pointed so clearly in one direction that the arrest and conviction of the criminal seemed almost a pure matter of form. But both the inspector and the expert were astray, and it was left to the Chief Constable to clear up the mystery. The reader must learn for . himself what parts were played by the St. Rule's Treasure, the blackmailing of Inderw/ck, the love affairs of Mrs. Pickford and Diana Herno, the hobbies of Cpllingbourne, the paper salvage campaign the American book collector, the telescope 'aft Friar's Pardon, and the death of the bookseller in an air raid. As usual, Mr. Conningtqn scrupulously supplies his reader's with every relevant piece of evidence

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