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Claude Houghton Bibliography

UK & US First Edition Books in Order

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Claude Houghton Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Phantom Host Elkin Matthews 1917 and other verses, by C. Houghton
The Tavern of Dreams Grant Richards 1919 A volume of verse by Claude Houghton
Judas. A Tragedy in Three Acts C.W. Daniel 1922 "And in prose and verse"
In the House of the High Priest C.W. Daniel 1923 A drama in one act
The Kingdoms of the Spirit C. W. Daniel Co 1924 New edition C. W. Daniel, 1938
Neighbours R. Holden & Co 1926
The Riddle of Helena R. Holden & Co 1937 Reprinted by Collins 1935
US: Argus Book Shop, 1934
Crisis Thornton Butterworth 1929 US: Harper & brothers, 1929
The Last Command Readers' Library 1929 Based upon the play by Lajos Biro
A Hair Divides [A novel.] Thornton Butterworth 1930 Covert artwork by J. Morton Sale, price 7/6
I Am Jonathan Scrivener [A novel.] Thornton Butterworth 1930 Reprinted Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1946
US: Simon & Schuster 1930
Captain of the Guard Readers' Library 1930 Based on “La Marseillaise” by Houston Branch
Film with John Boles and Laura La Plante
The Sins of the Fathers Readers' Library 1930 Novelized by C. Houghton. Based on the film starring
Emil Jannings, Jean Arthur, and Ruth Chatterton
The Big Trail Readers' Library 1931 Novelized movie
Chaos is Come Again Thornton Butterworth 1932 Dust jacket artist Bip Pares
UK paperback: Penguin Books 1938
US: Doubleday, Doran & Co., 1932
Helenina Zahada Rudolf Skerik 1933 (Prelozil Zdenek Vancura)
Julian Grant Loses His Way [A novel.] Heinemann 1933
Three Fantastic Tales Frederick C. Joiner 1934 Frontispiece by John Farleigh and
A preface by Clemence Dane
Reprinted Todd Publishing Co, 1943
This was Ivor Trent William Heinemann 1935 Dustwrapper priced 7/6
Also Bernhard Tauchnitz 1935
The Passing of the Third Floor Back Queensway Press 1935 An up-to-date version of the tale with
the same title by Jerome K. Jerome.]
Reprinted Readers Library Publishing Co, [1937]
Claude Houghton. Appreciations by Hugh Walpole Heinemann 1935 With a bibliography. [With a portrait.]
The Beast Quota Press 1936 Illustrations by Alfred E. Kerr
Christina Heinemann 1936
Strangers Collins 1938
Hudson Rejoins the Herd [A novel.] Collins 1939
Captain of the Guard Readers Library 1941 New Chevron Series. no. 102
Sonnets and Lyrics Privately Printed 1941
All change, Humanity Collins 1942
Six Lives and a Book Collins 1943
The Man Who Could Still Laugh Todd Publishing 1943 Only 16 pages
Passport to Paradise Collins 1944
Transformation Scene Collins 1946
The Quarrel Collins 1948 Dust jacket artist Ruth Atkinson
Birthmark Collins 1950 Dust jacket priced 9s/6d
The Enigma of Conrad Stone Collins 1952 Dust jacket priced 10s/6d
At the End of a Road Hutchinson 1953
The Clock Ticks Hutchinson 1954
Some Rise by Sin Hutchinson 1956
More Lives than One Hutchinson 1957

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Claude Houghton Author Biography - Information About the Author
Claude Houghton, Claude Houghton Oldfield 1889-1961, is a Hubin listed author.
This bibliography should be a complete list of Claude Houghton's books in order, we've included every publication held in all the major UK institutional libraries.

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