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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Scattergood Baines Harper Brothers 1921 UK: 1942 Hodder & Stoughton
Conflict Harper 1923 UK: 1928 Hodder & Stoughton
Contraband Harper 1923 UK: 1928 Hodder & Stoughton
Knuckles Harper 1928 UK: 1928 Hodder & Stoughton
The Cat's Paw Harper 1934  
Scattergood Returns Harper 1940  
Scattergood Baines Pulls the strings Harper 1941  
Double Treasure Harper 1946 UK: 1949 Macdonald
Murder for a Million World's Work 1947 Published in England
Stolen Goods Harper 1950 UK: 1951 Museum Press
The Great Mail Robbery Harper 1951 UK: 1954 Museum Press
No Escape Museum Press 1951 Published in Britain
The Key Man Harper 1952 UK: 1954 Robert Hale
Dangerous Angel Harper 1953 UK: 1955 Robert Hale
The Case of the Nameless Corpse Harper 1956 UK: 1958 Robert Hale
Death Keeps a Secret Harper 1956 UK: 1958 Robert Hale
Black cloth, green & silver jacket 10/6
The Lady and the Giant Dodd Mead 1959 UK: 1960 Robert Hale
where There's Smoke Harper 1959 UK: 1960 Robert Hale
Counterfeit Gentleman Dodd Mead 1960 UK: 1955 Robert Hale
The Monitor Affair Dodd Mead 1960 UK: 1961 Robert Hale
The Sinister Strangers Dodd Mead 1961  
Mark of Treachery Dodd Mead 1961  
Party Man Dodd Mead 1962  
The Artless Heiress Dodd Mead 1962  
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Clarence Budington Kelland

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Further Information ~ Clarence Budington Kelland Biography
The author was born 1881 in Portland and died 1964. When more thna one book was published in the same year we cannot guarantee chronology I'm afraid. We would very much like to publish more information about this author, if you can help in the interests of posterity please do contact us - thank you.

Synopsis from Death Keeps a Secret
WHEN a young scientist—as handy with his fists as with electronics—sets out for the government's top-secret rocket laboratories in New Mexico, he runs foul of murder and espionage before he even sees the object of his mission.
Four countries, including the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China, were to clash in a swift intrigue of blood and betrayal as their keenest agents plotted the theft of this electronic marvel. Four countries, four murders . . . and only one man to stand up to the most ruthless spy ring ever.
To obtain background for this highly unusual mystery, the U.S. Government allowed Mr. Kelland to visit the famous desert testing grounds at White Sands, New Mexico, where to-morrow's miracles in intercontinental missiles are being developed. Here is an eye-opening story that moves with the roaring blaze of a rocket.


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