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Christopher Hale Series Character: Lt Bill French

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Smoke Screen Harcourt Brace 1935 UK: TV Boardman 1948
Stormy Night Doubleday 1937 UK: Heinemann 1937
Ghost River Doubleday 1937 UK: TV Boardman 1947
Murder on Display Doubleday 1939 UK: TV Boardman 1947
Witch Wood Doubleday 1940 UK: TV Boardman 1946
Dead of Winter Doubleday 1941 UK: TV Boardman 1950 as: Going, Going Gone?
Exit Screaming Doubleday 1942 UK: TV Boardman 1943
Murder in Tow Doubleday 1943 UK: TV Boardman 1944
Hangman's Tie Doubleday Crime Club 1943 Dust jacket Petruccelli. UK: TV Boardman 1946
Midsummer Nightmare Doubleday 1945 UK: TV Boardman 1948
Rumour Hath it Doubleday 1945 Dust jacket priced $2.00. UK: TV Boardman 1947
Deadly Ditto Doubleday 1948 UK: TV Boardman 1949
He's Late This Morning Doubleday Crime Club 1949 UK: TV Boardman 1951

Dust Jacket Artist: Unknown

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Christopher Hale Author Biography - Information About the Author
Christopher Hale is a pen name of Frances Moyer Ross Stevens who was born in 1895 nad died in 1948.
American editions precede in all cases and as can be seen from the bibliography above the UK editions were published in an arbitary fashion.
The Boardman books do not appear to be from the harcover Bloodhound series but paperback originals as seen illustrated above.
Most titles are held only by the British Library and not by Oxford etc.
A well regarded author in America and highly sought after by American collectors.
Less interest amongst British collectors, presumably due to the lack of hardback editions in dust jacket.

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