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Agatha Christie

One Two Buckle My Shoe

Collins Crime Club 1940
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Agatha Christie - One Two Buckle My Shoe
IT has been said that no man is a hero to his valet. To that may he added that few men are heroes to themselves at the moment of visiting their dentist. Hercule Poirot was, says Mrs. Christie, "morbidly conscious of this fact" as lie entered his dentist's room in Queen Charlotte Street. "His morale was down to zero. He was just that ordinary, that craven figure, a man afraid of the dentist's chair." For the reader it is a very pleasant turning of the tables to sec the great Poirot at such a disadvantage,- his mouth stuffed with cotton wool, Hot air puffing down the cavity, unable to speak for himself! At half-past eleven Poirot stepped out, a free man. But before lunch-time sudden death had claimed a victim at the dentist's. Soon Poirot was probing into the integrity of bis fellow patients of that morning. The problem into which he is led provides him with one of his best cases.

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