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Peter Cheyney

Uneasy Terms

Collins 1946
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Peter Cheyney Uneasy Terms

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UNEASY TERMS brings back Slim Callaghan in one of those strange, more than peculiar setups that only Peter Cheyney's fertile imagination can evolve. It is a hard, compact, spare story peopled with characters whom Cheyney brings to life with single, powerful sweeps of his brush in strong, compelling colours.

The plot is intricate and cunningly contrived. As it proceeds the pace quickens; the usual  grip on his reader becomes a stranglehold. It relaxes for never a moment. It is almost as if the reader were himself mixed up in one of hiss "show-downs"; at the receiving end of a succession of judo twists and punches. The story proceeds ruthlessly, breathlessly to its climax.

This time the author takes us to the peaceful village of Alfriston situated in the hills by Mr.J cast-bourne and Brighton. There, i Dark Spinney, live the three daughters of a woman, beautiful and rich, who, having been herself married for her money decided that come what may the same fate should not befall her daughters. She did not realise that the carefully construed terms of her Will were in themselves dynamite ; beyond to bring in their train unhappiness, and finally grim tragedy.

Peter Cheyney

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