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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
For Love of lmabelle Fawcett 1957 UK: 1969 Panther
The Crazy Kill Avon 1959 UK: 1968 Panther
The Real Cool Killers Avon 1959 UK: 1969 Panther
All Shot Up Avon 1960 UK: 1969 Panther
The Big Gold Dream Avon 1960 UK: 1968 Panther
Cotton Comes to Harlem Putnam 1965 UK: 1965 Muller
The Heat's On Putnam 1966 UK: 1966 Muller
Run Man Run Putnam 1966 UK: 1967 Muller
Une Affaire de Viol Paris 1968  
Blind Man with a Pistol Morrow 1969 UK: 1969 Hodder & Stoughton
Plan B Paris 1983  

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Further Information
Chester Himes, born 19 July 1909 and died 12 November 1984, is a well regarded and collected American author. His series characters are Coffin Ed and Grave Digger Jones and they appear in all the above titles but, Run Man Run and  Une Affaire de Viol. As well as the above titles there are also a further ten books of a non-fiction or non-criminous nature. The American editions published by Avon and the British editions issued by Panther are all paperback originals. This typically affects their value and collectability in a negative manner


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