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Charman Edwards Bibliography

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The following Charman Edwards bibliography contains the criminous titles.
I do not believe any of these titles saw publication in the US
We are always interesting in buying pre 1942 books, UK first editions in dust jacket
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
A Big Strong Man ! Sampson Low 1923  
Windfellow Ward Lock 1925  
Derision As Above 1926  
Rainbrother As Above 1927  
Sir Richard Penniless As Above 1928 Dustwrapper artwork by Abbey
High Street Ward Lock 1928  
Give Me a Ship ! As Above 1932  
The Yellow Wagon As Above 1932  
Drink No Deeper As Above 1933  
The Blue Macaw Ward Lock 1935  
Terror Ship As Above 1935  
Fear Haunts the Roses As Above 1936  
Ten Thirteen As Above 1936 Dust jacket priced 7/6
Confetti for a Killing Ward Lock 1937 Dust jacket by Nina Miller Davidson
No Coffins in China Robert Hale 1937  
Gabriel Sounds for Africa Ward Lock 1938  
Drama of Mr Dilly Robert Hale 1939  
Tall Pines in Paddington Ward Lock 1949  
Dolly's Walk Ward Lock 1950  

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Charman Edwards Biography - Further Information
Charman Edwards was a pseudonym used by Frederick Anthony Edwards who was born in 1896, he also wrote under the name Julius Van Dyke. The author used one main series character, who appeared in at least five of the books, Percy Aloysius Huff. Unfortunately, and once again, this is the limit of our knowledge about this author. We do always welcome information from family sources and are happy to credit any information. Please do contact us.
This bibliography requires some additional research in the English Catalogue of Books. All of the titles and dates are correct but we cannot guarantee chronology when two books were published in the same year. We hope to finalize this ASAP.

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