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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
The Knife is Feminine Collins 1951 No US edition
Beat Not The Bones Collins 1952  
The Fugitive Eye Collins 1953  
The Yellow Turban Collins 1955  
The Feast of the Dead Hale 1956 as GM Jay. US: Brink of Silence
The Man Who Walked Away Collins 1958 US: The Stepfather
Arms for Adonis Collins 1960  
A Hank of Hair Heinemann 1964  
The Voice of the Crab Constable 1974 as Geraldine Halls

Further Information
Charlotte Jay, real name Geraldine Mary Jay, was born in Australia on 17th December 1919 and has both travelled and lived all over the world before returning to Australia. In all cases, the UK editions were published before the American. Alternative titles are noted when applicable. She also wrote six other novels under the name Geraldine Halls, these are not included as they are non-criminous.


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