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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Lay on Mac Duff Gifford 1943  
the Case of the Weird Sisters Gifford 1943  
Death Filled the Glass Cherry Tree 1945  
The Unsuspected Harrap 1947  
The Chocolate Cobweb Davies 1953  
Mischief Davies 1951  
The Black Eyed Stranger Davies 1952  
Catch as Catch Can Davies 1953  
The Trouble in Thor Davies 1953 Jo Valentine
The Better to Eat You Davies 1954  
The Dream Walker Davies 1955  
A Dram of Poison Davies 1956  
17 Widows of Sans Souci Davies 1959  
Duo the Girl with a secret Davies 1960  
A Little Less than Kind Collins 1964  
The Witches House Collins 1964  
The Turret Room Collins 1965  
Dream of Fair Women Collins 1966  
The Gift Shop Collins 1967  
Lemon in the Basket Collins 1968  
The Balloon Man Collins 1968  
Seven Seats to the Moon Collins 1969  
The Protege Collins 1970  

Charlotte Armstrong
was born 1905 to 1969 had one main series character, MacDougal Duff

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