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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Hill Girl Fawcett 1951 UK: 1958 Red Seal
River Girl Ditto 1951 UK: 1953 Fawcett
Hell Hath No Fury Ditto 1953 UK: 1958 Red Seal, re-released by Cassell in 1965 as The Hot Spot
Nothing in Her Way Ditto 1953 UK: 1954 Fawcett
A Touch of Death Ditto 1954 UK: 1955 Fawcett. Re-released in 1965 by Cassell as Mix Yourself a Redhead
Go Home Stranger Ditto 1954 UK: 1957 Red Seal
Scorpion Reef Macmillan 1955 UK: 1956 Cassell
The Big Bite Dell 1956 UK: 1957 Cassell
The Diamond Bikini Fawcett 1956 UK: 1962 Cassell
Girl Out Back Dell 1958 UK: 1958 Cassell as Operator
Man on the Run Fawcett 1958 UK: 1959 Cassell as Man in Motion
Talk of the Town Dell 1958 UK: 1959 Cassell as Stain of Suspicion
All the Way Dell 1958 UK: 1960 Cassell as The Concrete Flamingo
Uncle Sagamore and His Girls Fawcett 1959  
Around Viking 1960 UK: 1961 Cassell
The Sailcloth Shroud Viking 1960 UK: 1960 Cassell
Nude on Thin Ice Avon 1961  
The Long Saturday Night Fawcett 1962 UK: 1964 Cassell
Dead Calm Viking 1963 UK: 1964 Cassell
The Wrong Venus NAL 1966 UK: 1967 Cassell as Don't Just Stand There
And the Deep Blue Sea NAL 1971 UK: 1972 Cassell
Man on a Leash Putnam 1973 UK: 1974 Cassell

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Charles Williams Author Biography - Further Information
Charles Williams, born 1909 in Texas and died 1975, was never quite regarded as being in the major league of American thriller writers though his work is still appreciated, and collected, today. The publishing history is slightly chaotic, as can be seen. American editions precede their English counterparts, often by a few years. Several books have alternative titles and we have included these where and when applicable. No series character as such, though John Ingram does appear in a couple of the books. The English first editions benefited from some excellent period artwork on the dust jackets, which only increases their collectability today.

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