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Charles Leader Bibliography

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Charles Leader Series Characters: Ric McAdden - Mike McCall - Paul Mason - David Chan

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Charles Leader Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Frontier of Violence Robert Hale 1966
Murder in Marrakech Rest RH 1966
The Golden Lure 1967
Nightmare on the Nile 1967
The Angry Darkness 1968 DJ photograph by Ivan Keeman
Strangler's Moon Robert Hale 1968
Cargo to Saigon 1969
The Double M Man 1969
Death of a Marine 1970 Dust jacket priced 18/-
The Dragon Roars 1970
Salesman of Death Robert Hale 1971
Scavengers at War 1974 Dust jacket priced 1.90
A Wreath of Poppies 1975
A Wreath from Bangkok 1975
A Wreath for Miss Wong 1977 Dustwrapper artist Eileen Walton
A Wreath of Cherry Blossom Robert Hale 1977 Dust jacket artwork by Eileen Walton
Kingdom of Darkness Robert Hale 1978

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Charles Leader Author Biography - Information About the Author
Charles Leader is a pseudonym of Robert Charles Smith who was born in 1938 who also wrote as Robert Charles.
As usual with this publisher in and around this period both readers and book collectors have a problem. There are no reprints (other than some large print editions) or paperback editions and collectors will keep coming up against the ex-library hurdle, as most of these books went to libraries and are accordingly stamped and generally vandalized.
Despite being uncommon in collectable condition they shouldn't be too expensive.

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