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The following Charles Kingston bibliography contains the mystery fiction books only.
We have included US version when applicable, though most only published in England
We are always interesting in buying pre 1942 books, UK first editions in dust jacket
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Stolen Virtue Stanley Paul 1921  
The Portland Place Mystery Stanley Paul Aug 1925 Dust jacket priced 7/6
A Miscarriage of Justice Stanley Paul 1925 Dustwrapper priced 7/6
ECB states actually published March 1926
The Highgate Mystery Lane Jan 1928 DJ priced 7/6
The Guilty House Lane Sept 1928 Dust jacket priced 7/6
US: 1929 Dutton
The Infallible System As Above 1929 DJ priced 7/6
The Shadow of Monte Carlo Richards Apr 1931 DJ priced 7/6
The Great London Mystery Lane May 1931 DJ priced 7/6
Poison in Kensington Ward Lock 1934 DJ priced 7/6
The Brighton Beach Mystery Ward Lock May 1936 DJ priced 7/6. Artwork by Abbey
Murder in Piccadilly As Above Oct 1936 DJ priced 7/6
The Circle of Guilt Ward Lock Apr 1937 DJ priced 7/6. Artwork by Leonard Boden
The Rigdale Puzzle As Above Sept 1937 DJ priced 7/6
Murder in Disguise Ward Lock Jan 1938 DJ priced 7/6
Burning Conscience As Above Oct 1938 DJ priced 7/6
I Accuse Mellifont 1939  
Slander Villa Ward Lock Mar 1939 DJ priced 7/6
The Secret Barrier As Above Nov 1939 DJ priced 7/6
Six Under Suspicion As Above 1940 DJ priced 7/6
The Delacott Mystery Ward Lock 1941 ECB only lists cheap edition
Vain Pride As Above 1941 Not in the English Catalogue of Books
Mystery in the Mist Ward Lock May 1942 DJ priced 7/6
Murder Tunes In As Above Nov 1942 DJ priced 7/6
Death Came Back Stanley Paul 1944 DJ priced 8/6
Fear Followed On Stanley Paul 1945 DJ priced 8/6

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Charles Kingston Biography - Further Information
Charles Kingston is a pseudonym of Charles Kingston O'Mahoney, he had one main series character, Inspector Wake

We are in the process of improving this checklist, all titles and dates etc are correct but we cannot guarantee exact chronology when two or more titles were published in the same year, we hope to remedy shortly.

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