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Charles J Dutton Series Characters: John Bartley - Harley Manners

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Charles J Dutton Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Underwood Mystery Dodd Mead 1921 UK: Robinson and Birch 1922
Out of the Darkness Dodd Mead 1922 UK: John Lane - Bodley Head 1922
The Shadow on the Glass Dodd Mead 1923 UK: Herbert Jenkins 1925
The House by the Road Dodd Mead 1924 UK: John Lane 1924
The Second Bullet Dodd Mead 1925 UK: Hurst & Blackett 1926 as
The Westwood Mystery
The Crooked Cross Dodd Mead 1926
Flying Clues Dodd Mead 1927 UK: John Lane 1927
The Clutching Hand Dodd Mead 1928
Murder in the Dark Brentano's 1929 UK edition, US title unknown
Shadow of Evil Dodd Mead 1930 UK: Hurst & Blackett 1930
Murder in a Library Dodd Mead 1931 UK: Hurst & Blackett 1931
Poison Unknown Dodd Mead 1932 UK: Hurst & Blackett 1932 as
The Vanishing Murderer
The Samaritans of Molokai Dodd Mead 1932 UK: Williams & Norgate 1934
The Circle of Death Dodd Mead 1933 UK: Hurst & Blackett 1933
Black Fog Dodd Mead 1934 UK: Hurst & Blackett 1934
Oliver Hazard Perry Longmans Green 1935 Not in Hubin

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Charles J Dutton Author Biography - Information About the Author
Charles Judson Dutton was born in 1888 and died in 1964.
American first edition books precede their UK counterparts in all cases.
Not all the books were published in England, those that were are duly noted.
All of the books are rare in dust jacket, we've only ever handled one UK book in dust jacket.

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