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Charles H Snow Series Character: Tommy Thorne

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Days of '50 Wright & Brown 1930
Roaring guns 1931
The Fighting Sheriff 1931
The Silent Shot 1932
Don Jim. A Western romance 1932
Beyond Arizona 1933
The Scorpion's Sting 1933
Pay Dirt Creek 1933
The gold-pan nugget 1933
The lakeside murder 1933
Rubies and red blood 1934
The black riders of the range 1934
The bonanza murder case Wright & Brown 1935
The Gold of Alamito 1934
Smuggler's Ranch 1934
Hollow stump mystery 1934
Murder on the cattle ranch 1935
The sign of the death circle 1935
Cardigan - cowboy 1935
Signal smokes 1935
Cactus thorns 1935
The Gold Raiders 1935
The Iron Nerved Maverick 1935
Dust of Gold 1935
The Riders of Sunset Mesa 1936
The desert castle mystery 1936
The seven peaks 1936
Law on the mines 1936
Red Husky 1936
Argonaut Gold 1936
Hidden pay 1936
Bandits of Bedrock 1937
Steel of the north Mesquite's loop 1937
The fire cloud and Thoroughbreds 1937
Romance rides a red horse and Azalia blossoms 1937 As Chas H. Snow
The trail to Abilene 1937
Terry Orcutt's guns 1937
The Brush Creek murders 1937
Sheriff of Olancha 1937
Trails of '56 1937
Big strike 1938
Stocky of Lone Tree Ranch 1938
Six bars of gold 1938
Guns in the Chaparral Wright & Brown 1938
White mountains 1938
Rim-fire on the desert 1939
Rim-fire slips 1939
Irregular ranger 1939
Roaring Range 1939
Three Rivers range 1939
The bandit of Matagorda 1939
She was sheriff 1940
Grizzly 1940
Top hand 1940
War on the Penasco 1940
Dillard of Circle 22 1941
Fightin' Bob 1941
Crowfoot range 1942
The mystery of Devil's Canyon 1942
The girl of the Bar D Bar 1943
Horsethief Pass 1943
Double-Cross brand 1944
Rebel of Ronde Valley 1944
Outlaws of Sugar Loaf 1944
Rustlers of Lonesome Valley Wright & Brown 1945
The rifle on the rim 1946
Rustlers of Red Creek 1946
Ghost camp 1946
Valley of lawless men 1947
Lone hand 1947
Gunsmoke in Tombstone 1948
The widow of Washoe 1948
Two crimson ropes 1948
The highgrade murder 1949
The horsethief 1949
Gunsmoke in Tombstone 1949
The mysterious missile 1950
Gold dust and bear meat 1950
Valley of tumbling waters 1951
Roaming rider 1951 As Chas H Snow
Frontier meetin' house 1951
The mountain murder case 1951
Under the big red rim Wright & Brown 1951
Snake brand 1952
The mesa trail 1952
The mesa trail 1952
Saga of the Sierras 1953
Feud at Carson's Ranch 1953
The Buckhorn Murder Case 1953
The forty-niner 1954
Twice Murdered 1954
Battle of High Mesa 1955
Shotgun 1955
Red fire stampede 1955
Murder in the mesquite Wright & Brown 1956
Rustler bait 1956
Red ring dynamite 1956
Rustlers of Moon River 1957
Last of an outlaw band 1957
Hell's half acre 1957
Into the gunsmoke 1958
Scars on the West 1958
The caves of Pinnacle Peak 1958
Gangster in the desert 1958
Winter in Ghost Camp 1958
Tenon's task 1959
Robbery in the Mountains 1960
Last on the outlaws' trail 1960
Horsethief of Carson Valley 1960
Battle at Yellow Creek 1961
Pay from the grass roots 1961
Guns and Black Gold 1961
Guns in the Sage 1961
Jailbreak in Gold Horn 1962
Death of a rancher 1962
Gun holds high hand 1962
Riding in the back trail 1963
Call of the mountains 1963
Gun on the mantel 1963
Gold beyond the mountains 1964
Law on a rampage 1964
Death in the canyon 1964
The dry diggings nugget 1965
Tangled ropes 1965
Smoke signals from Timberline 1965
Big range country 1966
Flame in the storm 1966
Law comes to Silver Blade 1966
Happy Ranch Wright & Brown 1967

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Charles H Snow Author Biography - Information About the Author
Charles Horace Snow, born 1877 and died 1967, was, to say the least, a prolific author.
We've only included his crime fiction books (he is listed in Hubin 14 titles only) because of the nature of the site, he did write many westerns too.
You can now disregard what I wrote above as I've bitten the bullet, pun intended, and included all the books held by the British Library!
The author also wrote circa 100 other books under the name Charles Bellew.
Some of the titles were reprinted by The Western Book Club.
Some of the books were also published in America.

Note on the Bibliography - Full List of Books
The publisher remains the same throughout. Expect many of the books to be undated.
The dates given are the reception dates listed by the British Library and sometimes, Oxford as not all books made it to the British Library.
Chronology of books published in the same year cannot be guaranteed, they are ordered as per library holdings.
All of the books we've seen benefit from attractive "cowboy" artwork and a full set in dust jackets would look tremendous.


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