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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction titles

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Ball of Fortune Blackie 1883
Love Besieged Stanley Paul 1909
The Bungalow Under the Lake Stanley Paul 1910
Red Revenge : A Romance of Cawnpore Stanley Paul 1911 Library of Wales call for 1913
A Star of the East : A Romance of Delhi / Stanley Paul 1912
Polly Peachum "Polly" and "The Beggar's Opera." Stanley Paul 1913
The Eyes of Alicia Stanley Paul 1913
The Crimson Mascot Stanley Paul 1914
The Jolly Duchess Stanley Paul 1915
The Soul of a Shop Girl Aldine 1915
War Up to Date Stanley Paul 1915
Stirring Deeds in the Great War Stanley Paul 1919
A Foe in the Shadow Aldine 1919
Corinthian Jack Stanley Paul 1920
A Queen of the Paddock Benman's 1921
The Mystery of the Fur-Lined Cloak Lloyd 1921
Ned Kelly the Bushranger Lloyd's 1921
The Hunted Man of Rocky Gulch Lloyd's 1921
Buzz, Dud and the Greaser Lloyd's School Yarns 1921
The Red Arrow Lloyd's School Yarns 1921
The Gold Miner's Vengeance Lloyd's School Yarns 1921
Madame Flirt Stanley Paul 1922
The Secret of Room no. 13 Lloyd's Detective Series 1922
Polly Peachum Stanley Paul 1923
The Beautiful Devil by Detective Dunn ? 1923
The Mystery of Judith Lloyd's Detective Series 1923
A Queen of Crooks by Detective Dunn ? 1924
The Last of the Darrells Mascot Novels 1924
Unsolved Murder Mysteries Stanley Paul 1924
The Red Mill Mystery by Detective Dunn ? 1925
The Tanglewood Mystery Aldine Mystery Novels 1926

Charles E Pearce Biography - Information About the Author
Charles Edward Pearce's books listed above are not all crime fiction titles. Some sixteen or so are listed in Hubin though but I've included others lodged with the British Library or the Oxford University Library that are clearly non-criminous


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