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This bibliography or checklist list the crime or mystery books written by the author.
My research has unveiled only two books, the British Library, Bodleian et al list only these the two
The Doughty dustwrapper is simply too fabulous to be ignored though
If you have an reliable background information please do drop us a line

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Man in the Shadows Rich & Cowan 1954 Blue cloth silver titles
The Silent Men Rich & Cowan 1955 Blue cloth black lettering
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Lorna Nicholl Morgan ~ Further Information ~ Biography
This author is, as is so often the case, as mysterious as his books. We cannot even get a date of birth.
Was this a pseudonym or did he only write the two books, if you know anything please do get in touch and help us preserve the information for posterity - too many of these writers are being lost to the passage of time - thank you.

Synopsis of Charles Bidmead's The Silent Men
WERE the Silent Men guided by the dead hand of a fiendishly clever crook? Chief Superintendent John Moresby of the Flying Squad asked himself that when sub-machine guns and high explosives cleared the way for daylight raids on banks and jewellers; and murders were committed under the very eyes of the police themselves. Who was The Quiet One, the master crook terrorizing the country: and the Silencer, that grim gangland avenger who stilled the tongues of Squealers ? A lovely girl with a shadowy background, a scar-faced bearded monk who ran laughing wildly through the dark, a nightmare cavern full of evilly gleaming eyes, and the haunting of the ruins of a looo year-old Abbey were only some of the mysteries Moresby uncovered in the Flying Squad's fight against the Silent Men. But perhaps the biggest mystery of all was the curious behaviour of gloomy Inspector Albert Deacon, whose elderly, gaunt frame had within it the strength to break a strong man's back! A gripping thriller of mystery, suspense, and swift action right up to the last page.

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