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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Hours Before Dawn Gollancz 1958 Dustwrapper priced 12/6
US: 1959 Lippincott
Uncle Paul As Above 1959 US: 1960 Lippincott
Seven Lean Years As Above 1961 Dust jacket priced 13/6
US: 1961 as Wait for the Wedding
The Trouble-Makers As Above 1963 US: 1963 Lippincott
The Jealous One Gollancz 1965 US: 1965 Lippincott
Prisoner's Base As Above 1967 US: 1967 ditto
Possession As Above 1969 Dust jacket priced 21/-
US: 1969 ditto
Don't Go to Sleep in the Dark As Above 1970 US: 1970 ditto
Appointment with Yesterday Gollancz 1972 US: 1972 ditto
The Long Shadow As Above 1975 US: 1976 Doubleday
The Spider Orchid Gollancz 1977 US: 1978 Doubleday
With No Crying As Above 1980 US: 1981 Doubleday
The Parasite Person As Above 1982 US: 1982 Doubleday
A Lovely Day to Die Gollancz 1984 US: 1984 Doubleday
Listening in the Dusk Gollancz 1990 US: 1990 ditto
Dangerous Thoughts Gollancz 1991 US: 1992 ditto
The Echoing Stones Severn House 1993  
King of the World Severn House 1994  

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Further Information
Celia Fremlin, real name Celia Margaret Goller, born 20 June 1914 in Kent England, is a well respected and collected mystery writer, also winner of the prestigious Edgar award in 1960. All well written and plotted, recommended to all those unfamiliar with her work. English editions precede American in al cases and I believe the most recent books saw no American publication.

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