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Sarah Caudwell

The Sirens Sang of Murder

Collins Crime Club 1989
Jacket design Colin Thomas

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Sarah Caudwell

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There will be much disappointment, I fear, among my fellow scholars. From the Senior Common Room of St George's College, where anxious colleagues ask daily, 'Finished yet, Hilary?' to the far distant lecture halls of Yale and Columbia, where I understand that the phrase 'In Professor Tamar's forthcoming publication' is constantly to be heard, the world of learning waits with impatient eagerness for my long-promised work on the concept of causa in the common law. How then am I to admit that I have yet again allowed myself to be led astray from the true path of Scholarship and that what I now offer my readers is no more than the chronicle of my defection? Would it not perhaps be more seemly to refrain from publishing any account of my investigation of the Daffodil affair, and to allow the whole matter to rest in obscurity?

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