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Carter Dickson

Night at the Mocking Widow

Heinemann 1951
Jacket artwork by Stein

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"When murder occurs in an English village, which it does far more frequently than is known," writes Carter Dickson in the very first sentence of his new "H.M." thriller, "people usually feel the shock because of the village's intense respectability. . . . Take for instance the case of Stoke Druid in Somerset." Readers are indeed most urgently advised to "take the case of Stoke Druid". They will be amazed to find a wave of terror following upon it. Hereupon the majestic figure .of old "H.M." rolled upon the scene. One woman was already dead, but no one talked of it. The police ignored the obvious. The young vicar touched off a powder keg of gossip. The Bishop himself became involved in a rnad battle of mud-balls. Finally, Sir Henry Merrivale pulls off the neatest, most spectacular coup of his career!

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