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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
The White Circle Clode 1926 UK: 1927 Hutchinson. DW 7/6
The Snarl of the Beast Clode 1927 UK: 1928 Hutchinson. DW 7/6
The Man in the Shadows Clode 1928 UK: 1929 Hutchinson. DW 7/6
The Hidden Hand Clode 1929 UK: 1930 as above. DW 7/6
The Tag Murders Clode 1930 UK: 1931 as above. DW 7/6
Tainted Power Clode 1931 UK: 1931 as above. DW 7/6
The Third Murderer Farrar 1932 UK: 1932 as above. DW 7/6
The Amateur Murderer Washburn 1933 UK: 1933 as above. DW 7/6
Murder Won't Wait Washburn 1933 UK: 1934 as above. DW 7/6
Murder from the East Stokes 1935 UK: 1935 ditto Mar 35. DW 7/6
Death's Juggler Hutchinson 1935 DW 7/6. US: 1936 Stokes as
Mystery of the Smoking Gun
Mr. Strang Stokes 1936 UK: 1937 Hale. DW 7/6
Emperor of Evil Hutchinson 1936 DW 7/6. May 36. US: 1937 Stokes
Better Corpses Hale 1940 DW 8/3. No American edition
The Legion of the Living Dead Popular 1947 Canadian
Murder at Our House Museum Press 1950 No American edition
Ready to Burn Museum Press 1951 No American edition

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Further Information
John Carroll Daly, born 14 September 1899 - 1958, also wrote as John D Carroll. He was a hugely important contributor to the American hard boiled detective fiction genre. Whilst his output of book was relatively modest, his uncollected short stories for pulp magazines such as Black Mask was phenomenal. .


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