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Carola Salisbury Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Mallion's Pride Collins 1975 Published in the US on Doubleday in 1975 as:
The Pride of the Ttevallions
Dark Inheritance Collins 1976
The Dolphin Summer Collins 1977
The Winter Bride Collins 1978
The Shadowed Spring Collins 1980
Count Vronsky's Daughter Collins 1981
An Autumn in Araby Century Publishing 1983
Daisy Friday Century Publishing 1984
A Certain Splendour Century Publishing 1985
The Woman in Grey Century Publishing 1987

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Carola Salisbury Author Biography - Information About the Author
Carola Salisbury, pseudonym of Michael Butterworth (John Michael Butterworth) was born in 1924/5 and died 1986 according to the British Library.
The author is listed in Hubin hence the inclusion of this bibliography on the but the books are mpore Gothic than crime fiction.
This list of Carola Salisbury books is complete, it goes beyond Hubin, including all of the books held by the British Library.
Clearly a popular author as the books ran to multiple reprints and were translated into several other languages.
First edition books in dust jacket are not as common as you might imagine. The Gothic novels of Carola Salisbury were more popular amongst readers who frequented public libraries than those who bought books in bookshops.
If you are looking to collect the books though a full set is achievable at a reasonable cost and there's the benefit of attractive dust jacket artwork.

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