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Carol Carnac

A Policeman at the Door

Collins Crime Club [1953]
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Carol Carnac

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An Undated Collins Crime Club !
The copy of the book above is undated. At the time of writing, 01.02.06, and after extensive research every other copy we have located is also undated. This also includes the copy held in the British Library. It is now safe to assume that the true first is not dated. If you do have a copy of this book which carries the 1953 date we should be very keen to hear from you.
Whilst this does appear to be an exception to the CCC rule, it is likely to be the result of a simple typesetting error and as such should not be seen as a general excuse to attribute 1st issue status to other undated books. This is the only example we have of this and as such should be taken out of context.

Further information about this publisher can be found here Collins Crime Club

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