Carol carnac

The Double Turn

Collins Crime Club 1956
Wrapper artwork by William Randell

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" DEAD? NOTHING of the kind, my dear. He's still alive, very much alive," said Jocelyn Truby. He glanced up at the huge canvas again and then added testily: "The trouble with you youngsters of to-day is that you're so contemporary-minded you tend to think of the Victorians as ancient history, on a par with Alfred and the cakes. I'm a Victorian myself, and proud of it. I can remember her funeral—and I'm still compos mentis" Susan Truby tucked her arm in her uncle's and spoke apologetically. " It's one thing to remember Victoria's funeral, Jocelyn, dear "—he was a dear, too, she thought to herself—" and it's quite another to be a Great Victorian, The catalogue says this object was painted in 1897, Gosh, that's the last century! " " Yes, it is, and I was born in it," said Jocelyn firmly, " and I'm still going strong. Adrian Delafield was born in 1870. This picture was his first big success. It was shown in the Academy of 1898. My father and mother went to see it." " It is big, isn't it? " murmured Susan. " They did rather run to size in those days; fancy having that canvas in the drawing-room."

Classic Crime Fiction

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