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Carlton Keith Series Character: Jeff Green

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Diamond Studded Typewriter Macmillan 1958 UK: Heinemann 1960.
Also published as A Gem of a Murder 1959 Dell
Missing Presumed Dead Doubleday 1961
Rich Uncle Doubleday 1963 UK: Robert Hale 1965
The Hiding Place Doubleday 1965 UK: Robert Hale 1966
The Crayfish Dinner Doubleday 1966 UK: Robert Hale 1968 as
The Elusive Epicure
UK dust jacket artwork by Gilbert Gordon
A Taste of Sangria Doubleday 1968 UK: Robert Hale 1969 as
The Missing Book-Keeper

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Carlton Keith Author Biography - Information About the Author
Carlton Keith is a pseudonym of, wait for it, Keith Carlton Robertson born in 1914.
American editions precede the British books in all cases. We've included all of the British publications when they exist and have noted any alternative titles.
We've not dealt with the American first edition books but the UK ones are scarce in dust jacket, as usual with this publisher most are ex-public library.

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