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Series Character: Colonel Gantian - Leathermouth

This Carlton Dawe bibliography features primarily the mystery fiction books.
American editions are listed as and when applicable
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Mount Desolation Cassell 1892  
The Emu's Head Ward Lock 1893  
The Confessions of a Currency Girl Ward Lock 1894  
Captain Castle Smith Elder 1897  
The Yellow Man Hutchinson 1900  
Claudia Pole Hutchinson 1901  
Straws in the Wind Hurst & Blackett 1901  
The Demagague Hodder & Stoughton 1902  
The London Plot Nash 1903  
The Prime Minister and Mrs. Grantham Nash 1903  
Lammas Grove SC Brown 1904  
The Grand Duke Hutchinson 1905  
A Morganatic Marriage Ditto 1906  
The Life Perilous Ditto 1907  
Her Highness's Secretary Nash 1907  
The Plotters of Peking Nash 1907  
The Confessions of Cleodora John Long 1908  
One Fair Enemy John Long 1908  
The Woman, the Man, and the Monster Stuyvesant 1909 US publication
The New Andromeda Nash 1909  
A Saint in Mufti Ditto 1910  
The Black Spider Nash 1911  
The Shadow of Evil Werner Laurie 1913  
The Crackswoman Ward Lock 1914  
The Girl from Nippon Ward Lock 1915  
The Super Barbarians Lane 1915  
The Redemption of Grace Milroy Lane 1916  
The Woman with the Yellow Eyes John Long 1917  
The Admiralty's Secret John Long 1918  
The Mighty Arm Ditto 1919  
A Brush with Fate John Long 1920  
A Tangled Marriage Ward Lock 1921  
Euryale in London Ditto 1922  
Stranger Than Fiction Ditto 1923  
Virginia Ditto 1923  
Desperate Love Ditto 1924  
The Temptation of Selma Ward Lock 1924 Dust jacket artwork by Abbey
The Way of a Maid Ditto 1925  
The Forbidden shrine Ditto 1926  
The Glare Ditto 1926  
The Knightsbridge Affair Ditto 1927  
Slings and Arrows Ditto 1927  
After Many Days Ward Lock 1928 Dustwrapper artwork by Frank Marston. Price 7/6
Pacific Blue Ditto 1928  
The Desirable Woman Ditto 1929 Dust jacket artwork by Frank Marston. Price 7/6
The Winding Road Ditto 1929  
The Missing Clue Ditto 1930  
Leathermouth Ditto 1931  
Wanted ! Ditto 1931  
Fifteen Keys Ditto 1932  
Fishers of Men Ward Lock 1932  
Lawless Ditto 1932  
The Sign of the Glove Ditto 1932  
The Chief Ditto 1933  
Crumpled Lilies Ditto 1933  
The Law of the Knife Ditto 1934  
Leathermouth's Luck Ditto 1934  
The Missing Treaty Ditto 1934  
A Royal Alliance Ditto 1935  
Waste Lands Ditto 1935  
The Green Killer Ditto 1936  
Tough Company Ditto 1936  
Live Cartridge Ditto 1937  
A Strange Destiny Ward Lock 1937  

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Classic Crime Fiction

Further Information
Carlton William Lanyon Dawe was born 1865 and died 1935. His main series character was Colonel Gantian (Leathermouth)

When you see more than one book published in the same year we cannot currently guarantee the precise order of publication.

Classic Crime Fiction

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