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This Capt A.O. Pollard bibliography or checklist list the crime or mystery books written by the author.
There are also some juvenille books and some historical non-fiction
Please Note: When two books were published in the same year we are pretty sure of presedence though not 100%
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Pirdale Island Hutchinson 1930  
Rum Alley Hutchinson 1931  
Murder Hide-and-Seek Hutchinson 1931  
The Cipher Five As Above 1932  
The Death Flight As Above 1932  
The Havenhurst Affair As Above 1933  
The Riddle of Loch Lemman As Above 1933  
The Phantom Plane Hutchinson 1934  
Murder in the Air As Above 1935  
The Secret of Castle Voxzel As Above 1935  
Unofficial Spy As Above 1936  
The Death Game As Above 1936  
Hidden Cipher Hutchinson 1937  
The Murder Germ As Above 1937  
Flanders Spy As Above 1938  
Air Reprisal As Above 1938  
Black Out Hutchinson 1938  
The Secret Formula As Above 1939  
Murder of a Diplomat As Above 1939 Hubin, wrongly, calls for 1935
The Secret Pact As Above 1940  
A.R.P. Spy Hutchinson 1940  
The Secret Weapon As Above 1941  
Wanted by the Gestapo As Above 1942  
The Death Squadron As Above 1943  
Invitation to Death As Above 1944  
Gestapo Fugitive As Above 1944  
The Fifth Freedom Hutchinson 1945  
Blood Hunt As Above 1946  
Double-Cross As Above 1946  
A Deal in Death As Above 1947  
The Iron Curtain As Above 1947  
The Death Curse Hutchinson 1948  
The Secret Vendetta As Above 1949  
Dead Man's Secret As Above 1949  
Red Hazard As Above 1950  
The Death Parade As Above 1951  
The Golden Buddha Hutchinson 1951 David Wilshaw Investigates - juvenile ?
Death Intervened As Above 1951  
Counterfeit Spy As Above 1952  
Criminal Airman As Above 1953  
Homicidal Spy As Above 1954  
Sinister Secret As Above 1956  
Smuggler's Buoy Hutchinson 1958  
Wrong Verdict John Long 1960  
Forged Evidence John Long 1962  
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Captain A.O. Pollard The Golden Buddha

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Captain Alfred Oliver Pollard V.C. M.C. D.C.M ~ Further Information ~ Biography
The author was born 4 May 1893 and died 5 December 1960,and was first and foremost an incredibly brave man. On 29 April 1917 he was awarded the highest possibly military medal the Victoria Cross for outstanding bravery in the face of the enemy whilst serving in France. .


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