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C Hedley Barker Bibliography aka Seafarer

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

C Hedley Barker Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Case of the Secret Plans Lloyd's 1921 Detective Series no. 6
Blue Water Cassell 1933
The Wayward Nymph Cassell 1933
Cavalier of Crime - A novel G. Harrap & Co 1937 As Frank Hedley, not in Hubin
Devil's Brood Cassell 1941 Dust jacket priced 7/6
The Man they Could not Kill Cherry Tree book 1942 As Hedley Barker
A paperback original
Dark Road to Danger Cherry Tree book 1943 A paperback original
Hangman's Honeymoon Robert Hale 1943
The Hallam Moor Mystery Cherry Tree book 1944 A paperback original
They Stole a Ship Robert Hale 1945
Eight Went Cruising Robert Hale 1946
Make Way for a Sailor Ward Lock 1947 As Seafarer
Bold Buccaneer Ward Lock 1953 As Seafarer
Voyage to Peril Ward Lock 1954 As Seafarer
Santa Maria - The Tale of a Sea Tramp Ward Lock 1955 As Seafarer
The Haunted Ship Ward Lock 1956 As Seafarer
The Sailor and the Widow Ward Lock 1957 As Seafarer
Firebrace and the Java Queen Ward Lock 1958 As Seafarer
Captain Firebrace Ward Lock 1958 As Seafarer
Firebrace and Father Kelly Ward Lock 1959 As Seafarer
Smuggler's Pay for Firebrace Ward Lock 1959 As Seafarer
Crook's Cruise Ward Lock 1960 As Seafarer

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C Hedley Barker Biography - Information About the Author
Clarence Hedley Barker is a pseudonym of Frank Headley, his books are nautical in nature.
The Cherry Tree (Withy Grove Press) books are cheap pulp novellas, paperback originals.
The books are uncommon in dust jacket.
We've included the nautical titles that are not listed in Hubin for the sake of completeness.
The list of books above is every title held by the British Library so hopefully a complete bibliography.

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