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John Bude

Twice Dead

Macdonald 1953
Dustwrapper artwork by Stein

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Twice Dead by John Bude

John Bude     Stein

Twice Dead

An exclusive housing estate on the Sussex coast is the setting for John Bude's latest detective story. A young woman artist vanishes one dark night from a converted coastguard cottage on the edge of the estate, and the police are called in to investigate her disappearance. Does the solution to the mystery lie this side of the Channel or along the boulevards of Paris, where the girl had once been a member of a cosmopolitan group of art students ? With his usual efficiency and £lm Detective Inspector Meredith gets out on the job, and after several startling and unexpected set-backs writes a satisfactory * Finis' to the case. With its clear-cut characterisation, excellent background and swift-moving story it can be safely

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