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John Bude

A Shift of Guilt

Macdonald 1956
Jacket design H Johns

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John Bude

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"John Bude's Wanderly's 'beauty. He had no inkling then, however, of the dark and dangerous road along which his admiration was to lead him, nor of the strange assortment of characters he was to meet along the way—from the rich, bitter, mummified old invalid, Mr. Ajoukian, to the impoverished showman who shared his living quarters with a troupe of performing pigs. And before the search was ended there were three murders, and Sadcr himself was headed straight for trouble. This is a novel of chunK/ier niul atmosphere as well as of mystery, and in Dolores Ilitchem ihe grateful connoisseur of detective fiction will recognise a rare combination of technique and imagination.

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