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John Bude

Dangerous Sunlight

Macdonald 1948
Dustwrapper artwork by Crispin

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Dangerous Sunlight by John Bude

John Bude    

Dangerous Sunlight

Barbara Howard was very glad to accept the well-paid post of housekeeper to Mr. Rickman, a middle-aged, unmarried solicitor in the Kentish market town of Midbury. She hadn't taken up her duties long, however, before she began to suspect that not all her employer's activities were concerned with the conduct of a normal legal practice. She took a dislike to Rickman's valet, Thomas Bain. She was puzzled by the elderly eccentric, Titterton, who kept pressing Rickman to sell his house. She wondered why Sampson Wick, a local timber merchant, seemed to nurse a grievance against the solicitor. Then came murder, stark and violent, followed by the more reassuring presence of Detective Inspectoi Meredith who set to probing the mystery with his usual thoroughness. But even Meredith could not prevent a second death—death in the dangerous sunlight.

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