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John Bude

When the Case was Opened

Macdonald 1952
Jacket by Stein

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Detective Inspector Meredith, called in to investigate a murder at Greenfield's food - processing factory in Kent, soon discovers that all is not well with the firm. The formula of a new product, on which the Board of Directors had set great hopes, has by some means got into the hands of a rival firm. Has the leakage of this secret information anything to do with the murder? Why was the victim's body dragged from a river seventy miles from the scene of the crime? Who attempted to crack the safe in the Managing Director's office? Wasn't there something odd about the night-watchman's evidence? These are only a few of the questions that arise, and since John Bude likes to treat his readers as allies there is every chance of your beating Meredith to the answers. A B.B.C. critic said of a recent mystery novel by this author: "It's guaranteed to keep you awake long after you should have turned off the light and gone to sleep." With its cleverly developed plot and authentic background of a world where jellies and cake mixtures can be matters of life and death, When The Case Was Opened means another late night for the crime connoisseur.

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