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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Halo for a Lady! 1950
No Furture for Miss Morrow 1950 Panther reprint 1954, cover by Pollack
Shroud for a Wanton ! 1950
Ransom for Miss Le Grun Hamilton 1950 Artwork by Oliver Brabbins
Harp for a Honey 1950
Lady View the Body Hamilton 1951 John Pollack artwork
Dames are Dynamite Hamilton 1951 Artwork by Pollack
Cohort of Dishonour Hamilton & Co 1954
Feet of Clay Hamilton & Co 1954 #141 Panther
Lift High the Flag Panther books 1954
Scarlet on Gold Hamilton & Co 1954 A western
Renegade Bleu Hamilton & Co 1954 Panther Books series
Cry Vengeance Panther 1954
The Dead and the Damned Panther 1954 Foreign Legion novel
How Cold the Night 1955
Crimson Clay 1955
Fool of Fortune Panther Books 1955
The Last Chance Panther Books 1955
The Long Revenge Panther Books 1955

Dust Jacket Artist: Unknown

The Author Bruno Schwarz

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Bruno Schwarz Author Biography - Information About the Author
Bruno Schwarz is a British author and Hubin listed but only six titles, all published by Hamilton.
In this bibliography we've listed all the publications held by the British Library, Oxford Library and Dublin etc, publishers are noted when known.
These Panther Books have the appearance of cheaper editions, though there is some good dust jacket artwork.
They are rare, the few we've seen have all been ex-public library so we've never actually bought and sold one.
The author often wrote about the Foreign Legion something he seemingly felt close to, according to dust jacket blurb at least.
We'd welcome more information on this author so do drop us a line if you can help.

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