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Bruno Rossi Series Character: Johnny Rock

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Killing Machine 1 Leisure Books 1973 The Mafia put out a contract on Rock's parents
Blood Oath 2 Leisure Books 1974 Set in New York City
Blood Bath 3 Leisure Books 1974 Bloodbath in a Mob restaurant
The Worst Way to Die 4 Same 1974 The Sharpshooter invades the stronghold of the Mob
Night of the Assassins 5 Leisure Books 1974 Big Vinnie ruled the Miami Mafia but for how long?
Muzzle Blast 6 As Above 1974 Book set in Cape Cod
A ruthless capo holds Cape Cod in his claws
Head Crusher 7 Leisure Books 1974 Backdrop New York, USA
No Quarter Given 8 Ditto 1974 Book set in Virginia
Joey Barbagallo's crime empire is in trouble
Stiletto 9 Leisure Books 1974 Johnny Rock penetrates the mafia
Hit Man 10 Same 1974 Los Angeles city of the worst criminals in the world
Triggerman 11 Leisure Books 1975 Mob hoodlum Rick Tattilo did some steady prison time
Scarfaced Killer 12 Leisure Books 1975 Story set in Oaklahoma
Savage Slaughter 13 1975 Johnny Rocco [sic] takes out a Vice King
Las Vegas Vengeance 14 See Above 1975 JR went to play but gambled with his life !
Mafia Death Watch Leisure Books 1975 Detroit pimps come under fire from the Sharpshooter
A Dirty Way to Die Leisure Books 1975

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Bruno Rossi Author Biography - Information About the Author
Bruno Rossi is a publishers house name, authors who wrote under it include John Stevenson and Leonard Levinson, the main series character is Johnny Rock alias The Sharpshooter.
One of the book covers refers to the character as "Johnny Rocco"
The author is not to be confused with the scientific author of the same name.
This is a list of books in order, the number after the title denoting sequence (when known for sure)
The books are all paperback originals, no hardcover first editions issued, nor British editions.
The books are readily found online and a full set can be assembled for a reasonable sum of money.

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