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The following Bruce Hamilton bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
To Be Hanged Faber 1930 DW 7/6
US: 1930 Doubleday
Hue and Cry Collins 1931 DW 7/6
The Spring Term Methuen 1933 DW 7/6
Middle Class Murder Methuen 1936 DW 7/6. Artwork by Job
US: Dead Reckoning 1937 Simon
The Brighton Murder Trial Boriswood 1937 Non-fiction, author was editor. DW 8/6
Traitor's Way Cresset 1938 DW 7/6
US: 1939 Bobbs
Pro: An English Tragedy Cresset 1946  
Let Him Have Judgment Cresset 1948 US: Hanging Judge. Harper 1948
So Sad, So Fresh Cresset 1952  
Too Much of Water Cresset 1958  

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Further Information
Bruce Arthur Douglas Hamilton was born in England in 1900. He was the brother of the celebrated author, Patrick Hamilton, who wrote, amongst other works, Hangover Square and Rope. Bruce Hamilton wrote a memoir of his brother, The Light Went Out in 1972 and died in 1974.


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