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Sterry Browning aka Leonard Gribble

Crime at Cape Folly

Published by Clerke & Cockeran 1951
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Sterry Browning Crime at Cape Folly

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Synopsis from Crime at Cape Folly
On a wild headland jutting trom a Cornish bay, Joscelyn Vane retired from the world with what remained of a shattered dream. This retirement was rudely broken when one stormy night he found himself staring into the frightened blue eyes of a girl who could give no reason for her arrival at Cape Folly. She was followed by a headstrong young man with a gun. Later that fateful night a forgotten man returned to his past, and before daylight dawned over the cold Cornish crags death had joined the company of strangers at Cape Folly. A story that will be enjoyed by all readers of a good " atmospheric" mystery.

Leonard Gribble    

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