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Brett Vane Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Brett Vane Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Girl for Hire 1950
Lovelies for Sale 1950
Sins for Sale 1950
Smart Girl Curtis Warren 1950
Fifty Bucks Curtis Warren ?
Smart Hussy Curtis Warren ?
Goodbye Honey Curtis Warren ?
Don't Mind Stella Curtis Warren ?
Easy Living Curtis Warren ?
False Gold Curtis Books ?
Irene Curtis Books ?
Miss Susan Regrets Curtis Books ?
Miss Pinki Pays Off Curtis Warren ? Cover artwork by H.W. Perl
Lulu Curtis Books ?
Blonde Rod ? ? Cover artwork by H.W. Perl
Night Rackets ? ?
This Girl is Mine ? ?
Maria Curtis Books ?
Dollar Rackets Curtis Books ? Cover artwork by H.W. Perl
Patsy Curtis Books ?
He Moved Away Curtis Books ?
Sugar Puss Curtis Books ?
She Couldn't Stay Curtis Books ?
Black Orchid ? ?
Redheads Fall Hard ? ?
Good Time Lips ? ?
Private Doll ? ?
Curtis Books Curtis Warren 1953 Short stories: Manana by Brett Vane
Nobody's Dame Curtis Warren 1953
When Blondes Meet 1953
Don't Dare Lola 1953

Dust Jacket Artist: Unknown

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Brett Vane Author Biography - Information About the Author
Brett Vane was born in 1925 according to the British Library but I think it's a house name and is a pseudonym of David Arthur Griffiths, Frederick Tom Foden, John William Jennison and others according to a copyright catalogue listing.
This list has taken a lot of compiling, much coming from Copyright Catalogues as very few of the books listed above are in the British Library, Oxford etc.
To claim this is a full list of Brett Vane's books would be ambitious but it's certainly comprehensive, if you can add any titles please do email us the details and we'll add them to this bibliography.
Dates and publisher only listed whenknown for certain.
Brett Vane's Gangster Pulp Fiction is very collectable and rare, their desirability heightened by some superb lurid cover artwork.

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