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Bradshaw Jones Series Characters: Claude Ravel - Monique Ravel

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Hamlet Problem John Long 1962
The Crooked Phoenix John Long 1963
Tiger from the Shadows John Long 1963
Private Vendetta John Long 1964
Death on a Pale Horse John Long 1964 Reprinted same year by The Mystery Book Guild
Death Deals in Diamonds John Long 1965 US edition: Walker 1966
Murder has no Friends John Long 1966 US edition: Bobbs Merrill 1968
Testament of Evil John Long 1966
The Embers of Hate John Long 1966
The Deadly Trade John Long 1967
A Den of Savage Men John Long 1967
But Ill He Lived John Long 1968
To Catch a Shadow John Long 1969 US edition: Bobbs Merrill 1970
Layers of Deceit John Long 1969 US edition: Bobbs Merrill 1970
The Shadowless Men John Long 1970
Taint of Plague John Long 1970

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Bradshaw Jones Biography - Information About the Author
Malcolm Henry Bradshaw Jones was born in 1904, worked in the oil industry, ran a firm of silversmiths before retiring to the Channel Islands.
Books published in america are noted when applicable.
The books are ordered, when same year of publication, re the British Library holding order.
Book collectors will find the books reasonably priced and benefitting from attractive period dust jacket artwork.
They are not common in collectable condition though, former public libraries accounting for much of the alreday modest print runs.

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